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Smartphone Apps for the Healthcare Training Student

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Ross Medical Education Center Apps for Healthcare StudentsYou don’t have to be very technologically savvy to recognize that technology has grown tremendously in recent years and continues to grow substantially. Computers have moved from taking up an entire room to being tiny enough to fit in your pocket with memory large enough to store thousands of photos and videos and multiple gigabytes of data.

As smartphones have become commonplace throughout the nation, many individuals and organizations have latched on and developed thousands of applications for every type of person and activity. There are apps for games, social networks, photography, and nearly any other type that you can think of.

With the rise of apps and the internet, learning is beginning to be done more and more on smartphones. There are hundreds of great apps to help students study and learn a large variety of topics and skills – all through the phone! We came up with a list of apps that may be helpful for you on your healthcare training journey!

Diseases Dictionary Medical

This app is precisely what it sounds like! It is an offline compilation of medical disorders and diseases with descriptions, causes, treatment, and more.

Diseases Dictionary Medical on iTunes
Diseases Dictionary Medical on Google Play

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D

This app is filled with 3D models, videos, images, and even quizzes. If you are a healthcare student or just interested in human anatomy and physiology, this app is most definitely for you!

Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D on iTunes
Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D on Google Play

Drugs Dictionary

This is basically a pocket dictionary for medications with an easy to use design. It can be used offline and holds information about drug uses, side effects, storage, and more!

Drugs Dictionary Offline on iTunes
Drugs Dictionary Offline on Google Play

ICD-10 Consult 2018

Imagine having a pocket-sized ICD-10 quick reference guide. Now you do! This app is searchable and has the most complete list of codes in any of its kind.

ICD-10 Consult 2018 on iTunes
ICD-10 Consult 2018 on Google Play

iTunes U

This app holds full lectures and classes from universities all over the world. Want to know a little more about a topic? Search for a class on iTunes U.

iTunes U on iTunes

My Study Life

Ever get overwhelmed trying to manage your time between classes, homework, studying, tests, and other responsibilities? This app helps you manage all of that without missing a beat!

My Study Life on iTunes
My Study Life on Google Play


Want to search for already made flashcards for new vocab or even make your own? This app allows you to do both – all on your smartphone!

Quizlet on iTunes
Quizlet on Google Play

We hope that you found some apps to help you on your educational journey! Need a training program to put your newfound knowledge to use? Check out our programs at Ross Medical Education Center! We offer Medical Assistant training, Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration training, Dental Assistant training, Pharmacy Technician training, and Veterinary Assistant training. The offerings vary slightly by campus, but we are determined to find something to fit your interests, needs, and goals!