Ross Medical Education Center Medical Assistants Week

Taylor Celebrates Medical Assistant Recognition Week

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Ross Medical Education Center Medical Assistants WeekEach year during the third week of October, Ross Medical Education Center campuses celebrate Medical Assistant Recognition Week. The weeklong event is designated by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). The AAMA is an organization that exists to serve and support certified Medical Assistants in the U.S. They believe that they deserve to be celebrated because, as their website states, “Medical assistants are at the heart of health care.”

This year, from October 22-26, the Taylor campus held a lot of fun and informative events for their Medical Assistant students. Each day they focused on a different branch of medicine. Monday’s focus was Oncology. The campus’ Assistant Director of Education, Pam Kowalski, shared information on the stages of cancer, testing and treatment options for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. The students watched a short video from regarding breast cancer development. After the video, they were given a laminated card regarding breast self exams, along with pink ribbon pens and pencils. Students and staff were invited to wear pink to represent breast cancer awareness.

Ross Medical Education Center Medical Assistants WeekOn Tuesday, the focus was Sports Medicine. Staff and students wore their favorite team jerseys. Students were given a “Medical Assistant Survival Kit,” which included a paperclip (to help them hold it all together), a band-aid (for when things get a little rough), kisses (to remind them that they are loved), a rubber band (to remind them to be flexible), a marble (for those days when they may lose theirs), a toothpick (to remind them to pick out the good things in others), and a peppermint (because they are worth a “mint”). The students also received a copy of the Medical Assistant Creed and discussed the importance of being a team player in the medical office.

Ross Medical Education Center Medical Assistants WeekWednesday was Geriatric Medicine day. Some of the students dressed as senior citizens. They played “Attributes of a Good Medical Assistant” BINGO. The staff gave each student chapstick and they were reminded to keep smiling.

On Thursday, the focus was Cardiology. Staff and students wore red and/or hearts. Instructor Angela Lanzi spoke to the students about congenital heart defects and shared information about the Mended Little Hearts organization. The students were captivated by the information and the patient stories shared by Mrs. Lanzi. The students were given a small flashlight on this day and were reminded to “stay calm and shine on.”

Friday was Pediatric day. The students wore their fun pediatric scrubs. Staff and students brought in baby pictures, which were posted and for a contest to “guess who.” The student who guessed the most correctly won a prize.

Staff and students enjoyed all the activities; they said they enjoyed geriatric day the most. The students appreciated the week of special recognition.