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Taylor Joins OneSight to Help Provide Vision Care

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Ross Medical Education Center Taylor OneSightDuring the month of December, the students, staff, and faculty from many of the Ross Medical Education Center campuses were reaching out to support those in need in their communities over the holidays. The campus in in Taylor, Michigan wanted to help out too, but they decided to do something a little bit different. The campus community came together for a used eyeglasses and sunglasses drive. Over the course of the drive, they collected 25 pairs of used glasses and sunglasses for an organization called OneSight. That means that 25 people from communities all over the world will benefit from the opportunity to see clearly, many for the first time.

Ross Medical Education Center Taylor OneSightOneSight began its mission in 1988 with the goal of providing vision to the underprivileged throughout the world. Through a partnership with LensCrafters, this organization now provides comprehensive eye exams and customized glasses to millions of people all over the world who are in need of eyeglasses customized to their prescription. To date, 8.5 million people around the world have received glasses from OneSight. Though their organization has expanded dramatically throughout its lifetime, they have never deviated from their vision: “We won’t stop until the world can see.” They don’t just stop at providing free glasses though, their goal is to also meet the need for quality, sustainable care.

The Taylor campus was so excited to be a part of helping to make sure that more people internationally will be able to see this year. “Being able to give the gift of sight to those who cannot afford their own eye exams and glasses is a blessing, especially since most of us discard glasses that we no longer are able to use anymore,” said Samantha Mele, Career Service Student Support Representative.

If you are interested in learning more about OneSight and how you and/or your organization can get involved, contact them at 1-888-935-4589, visit their Facebook page, or read about them on their website at