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Ross Medical Education Center Medical Assistant Tools and ResourcesOne of the most amazing parts of being a medical assistant is that you will likely have an impact on such a variety of people and families. It is fairly safe to say that nearly every American will at some point be under the care of a medical assistant. Plus, in the United States, trillions of dollars are poured into the economy through the healthcare industry each year.

People use healthcare resources because they want to stay healthy or because they are already sick and wanting to get better, but one thing is certain, most people use the services provided in the healthcare industry for themselves and for their family. Each patient that visits a clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital will more than likely come into contact with a medical assistant, or many more than one!

In today’s world, medical assistants work on the front lines at a variety of clinics, medical offices, hospitals, and speciality centers across the United States. They do many different tasks from managing patient health information and records to taking vital signs to giving injections and drawing blood! Many times, a medical assistant is the first person that a patient sees once they have been checked in and one of the last they talk to before they leave. This makes a medical assistant a very important member of the healthcare team.

As you consider a medical assistant career, here are a few good resources that can help you make the most of your future:

Registered Medical Assistant Certification

This exam and certification is offered by the American Medical Technologists. Taking and passing this certification exam is a great next step after completing your medical assistant training program. Having this certification shows employers that you are serious about your medical assistant career. Certification may also be a factor in job promotions, pay increases, and other opportunities.

American Association of Medical Assistants

No matter what your career path, it’s an excellent idea to get involved in a professional organization. The American Association of Medical Assistants provides great opportunities for you to network with other medical assistants, develop new skills, and pursue leadership positions. With members in every state and chapters in 44 states, you are sure to find others to connect with that are passionate about medical assisting and healthcare. They pass along some of the latest information in the field to their members and connect you to experienced professionals and opportunities to further your education.

American Registry of Medical Assistants

After you have worked for three years as a medical assistant, you are welcome to apply to be a member of the American Registry of Medical Assistants. This organization is respected in the field as it has been around for more than 60 years and lets employers know that you are an experienced medical assistant and dedicated to your field. They also provide professional information, support, and exciting opportunities to go further in your career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

Knowing what the future looks like for your career choice is very important. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website gives answers to many questions you may have regarding average medical assistant pay, what the future of the healthcare industry means for medical assistants, and more.

How to Become a Medical Assistant

Did all this talk of opportunity and the chance to help people catch your interest? At Ross, our Medical Assistant program seeks to prepare you to get out into the field fast and be as successful as possible in your medical assisting career. If you’d like to learn more, visit our Medical Assistant program page!