Tri-Area Trucking School with Truck Ross Education, LLC

Tri-Area Trucking School Joins the Ross Team!

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Tri-Area Trucking School with Truck Ross Education, LLCHistorically, the primary focus of Ross has been education in the healthcare field. However, occasionally an educational need arises that cannot be ignored. Currently, one of those needs is the shortage of truck drivers across the country. According to, there is a shortage of 30,000 truck drivers in the United States with some industry projections of that shortage to surge to 239,000 by 2022. With this shortage in mind, we were pleased to come across a school that had the same values as Ross, and the same focus to make those values work. Tri-Area Trucking School, located in Freeland, MI, has made its goal to train the truck drivers to fill this gap. On Monday, March 9, 2015 Tri-Area Trucking School officially became a part of the Ross Education team. Now, with the increased infrastructure provided by Ross, we can serve the growing need in this industry.

Just like the fine-tuned healthcare focus of Ross Medical Education Center, Tri-Area Trucking School will continue to focus on what they have done best since opening 16 years ago – training future truck drivers! Over the last decade and a half, they have added various other program offerings, such as drivers education and motorcycle certification, but it always was clear that truck driving training was their niche, and they have proven it again and again.

It all started back when Al Treichel, manager of Tri-Area Trucking School, began working for another truck driving school. He discovered that he loved helping people that were unemployed, unsure of what their skills were, or that just needed a change. “I was amazed by the satisfaction I got from watching those students get into a career that was helpful to the community and provided the consistent pay and benefits to help them get back on their feet and turn their lives around,” Al shared. Shortly after, a friend of his that had been a part of the school and knew his passion for truck driving training came to him and suggested that he open his own school. Al tossed the idea around before he knew for sure that he would like nothing better than to make it happen.

Although he had loved the school he worked with before, Al wanted to make Tri-Area Trucking School different than the others. He wanted to make sure that he and all of his employees came to work for the students; he wanted their motivation to be watching people succeed. That’s why the staff at Tri-Area Trucking School has always had their hearts in it. They do all they can to be sure that everyone who wants to make a change for themselves can do so in less than a month. “To take people that are unemployed and hitting rock bottom to, in just three weeks, becoming a truck driver and making a living – it’s a good feeling,” says Al. That’s why he and his staff are determined to help people make a real living for themselves.

In addition to high-quality, personalized training, Tri-Area Trucking School also goes above and beyond to help every student be successful. They provide career services assistance to help ensure that students that go through their program are working and using their training on the road. They help each student apply for jobs from their online database of thousands of companies. Like the rest of the Ross Education team, Tri-Area Trucking School wants to help people make a change and get back to work fast.

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