Ross Medical Education Center Canton Veterinary Assistant Week

Veterinary Assistant Students in Canton Give to Homeward Bound Rescue League

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Ross Medical Education Center Canton Veterinary Assistant WeekLeading up to Veterinary Assistant week in November, the Ross Medical Education Center Veterinary Assistant class in Canton, MI hosted an Animal Care Drive. Over the course of the drive, they collected two large boxes filled with blankets, sweaters, dog dishes, food, and much more. Shantae Townsel, Veterinary Assistant Instructor, said, “I love that we can get involved in the community to show our support for our beloved animals.” The students went together to drop off the donated items to the Homeward Bound Rescue League.

Located in Canton, MI, the Homeward Bound Rescue League is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization. The organization is completely run by volunteers and displays the sense of community by promoting humane and ethical principles. The organization is dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and finding permanent homes for the rescued cats and dogs. Ultimately, their goal is to find happy, healthy homes for all the animals that they rescue. Since the start of the organization in 2006, the shelter has placed over 1551 dogs and cats into safe and appreciative adoptive homes. There are always opportunities for individuals to adopt a pet, donate money or care items to the organization for the animals, and volunteer at the organization.

The Veterinary Assistant Week began the week of Monday, November 10th. The Veterinary Assistant students participated in activities ranging from hands-on animal interaction to poetry slams. The students learned how to restrain and wrap a visiting cat named Bear in a blanket using the method called “the burrito.” Also, the students had the opportunity to recite the Veterinary Assistant Creed together as a class. Another day, the students recited the veterinary related poems they wrote during their very own “poetry slam.” The students were very excited to be celebrated throughout the week on campus through snacks and other fun educational activities. It is always a fun week when the Ross campus can take some time to acknowledge and celebrate the future healthcare professionals. However, the students agreed that the best part of the week was giving. Melanie Reeves, Veterinary Assistant student, said, “It feels good to give even a little something to our four-legged friends.”

To learn more information about the Homeward Bound Rescue League or to find out ways you can contribute, visit or their Facebook page.