5 Simple Ways to Get Healthy for Summer at Ross Medical Education Center

5 Simple Ways to Get Healthy This Summer!

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5 Simple Ways to Get Healthy for Summer at Ross Medical Education CenterAlthough your health is important all year long, summer is the perfect time to get back in gear with good habits, healthy eating, and exercise! We know it can be tough to change your diet, routine, and physical activity patterns overnight, but it doesn’t have to be impossible! In fact, we think that if you follow some of these simple tips, anyone can do it and start looking and feeling great this summer!

Some of these tips may be harder than others, but with a little dedication and hard work, you can turn your health habits around and come out of this summer the healthiest you’ve ever been! Plus, some are quick and simple, but the outcome of all of them will be worth it!

1. Floss every day

There. We said it. We know, your dentist, and probably your mom or grandmother, already lectures you about it, but you know you should! Are you too tired to do it at night? That’s okay, do it in the morning! Floss in the shower! Floss while sitting on your patio reading! Floss while watching netflix! Just floss!

It may sound simple, but flossing actually can have a powerful impact on your overall health! When you floss, you help fight off oral bacteria. That allows your body the resources to fight other bacteria in your body more effectively. Plus, if you floss daily, you are already beating out around 85% of Americans!

2. Eat a salad!

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a salad, but make a point to eat more fresh foods! You may think that you don’t have the time, but meal prep can be made much more efficient by planning ahead and putting salads (and other meals and snacks) together for the week all at once!

Feel overwhelmed by the very idea of trying to come up with a plan? There are tons of resources online that have everything already mapped out for you!

3. Slow down!

To stay with our food kick for a moment, slow down when you eat! Between bites, set your fork down and take a drink of water. Not only will you give your body time to actually digest the food as you eat and avoid getting to the stuffed and uncomfortable phase, you will feel full at a more reasonable time in the meal.

When you feel full, stop eating! We know, it sounds obvious, but how many times have you taken “just one more bite” of your meal after you are already stuffed? Don’t do it. Save the meal and go back to it when you’re ready!

Also, instead of cramming all your daily calories into three meals, eat smaller meals more frequently. Snacking on high protein snacks like nuts with fruits and veggies mixed in throughout the day can help keep your appetite under control and keep you from feeling famished by meal time.

4. Drink more water

We know that you know you should be drinking more water, but we also both know you probably aren’t drink enough. However, unlike some other things that you may have been lectured about, this one is totally valid and important!

Drinking enough water helps to cleanse your body and gives it the ability to function better! It actually plays a major role in weight loss, clearing your skin, relieving headaches, and so much more! Don’t believe us? Here are some of the many other wonderful things that water can do!

5. Get outside and move

It’s beautiful out! Spending time soaking in the sun and the glorious vitamin D that it provides can boost auto immune function and aides in many other body systems and processes.

Once you’re out there, get moving! Go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride. Being outside encourages exercise and being in nature helps to reduce stress. Running, and other forms of exercise, releases endorphins and improves mood and outlook on life. Furthermore, if you have children, getting them off their screens and out in nature engages them in ways that carry a large variety of benefits. For more on the what time outdoors can do for your kids, visit the article 15 Benefits of Going Out and Engaging with Nature for Kids – there’s something there for each child and family!

At Ross, we want you to change your tomorrow by promoting a healthy lifestyle and equipping you to help others to do the same! Interested in pursuing healthcare training? Check out our Ross healthcare training programs and find one that fits your passions!